Why is my poop green?

by in Better healthy April 17, 2020

Why is my poop green?

Your stool can have different colors based on the conditions of your body. It’s very common to have green stool though. Many people experience having green stool at least once in their lifetime. So if your poop has changed color and now has a green hue to it don’t worry, it’s probably because of a change in your diet. 

So what is a normal color for your poop? Usually the color of your stool can differ between light brown to dark brown and sometimes a very dark brown color. Interesting thing is that everytime the color of your stool changes it means you have eaten something that you don’t eat very often or something is wrong.

So if you haven’t changed your diet and your eating pattern and then suddenly your poop turns green it’s better if you talked to your doctor about it. 

But what did you eat that turned your poop green?

Well, almost all vegetables if taken in large amounts can turn your poop green. The most important vegetables that can affect the color of your stool are broccoli, blueberries, kale and spinach. 

But other than vegetables, food coloring is also able to change the color of your poop. Sometimes food coloring is produced from chemicals that your body can’t digest so they affect the color of your stool. Purple, green, blue and black dyes are able to turn your stool green if your body isn’t handling them well. 

But what if you didn’t eat any vegetables or food coloring? What if your stool out of blue turned out green? What does that mean? Well there are many conditions that can affect the color of your stool and if you talk to your doctor you can pinpoint the reason better rather than just googling it. 

Why is my poop green?

Why is my poop green?

Other reasons your stool is green:

1 – You’re consuming antibiotics

Well antibiotics can easily change bacterial content in your stool which leads to a change of your stool color. But don’t worry, your stool turns back to its normal color when you’re finished taking antibiotics.

2 – Bile pigments

Bile is some sort of a fluid with green to yellow color that is produced in your liver and helps you digest the food you’ve eaten. But in order for bile to digest your food it needs to break down. While breaking down bile travels through your intestine and sometimes when bile can’t digest your food properly, your stool might turn out green.

3 – An infection

Studies show that bacterial infections can do a number on the flora in your stool and this can lead to a green stool. 

4 – You had medical procedures

An important medical procedure such as bone marrow transplant can also affect the color of your stool. If your body rejects the transplant, you may face a condition named graft versus host disease which leads to diarrhea and green stool.

5 – A liver or gastrointestinal illness

There are conditions such as colitis or IBS that can cause green stool. Foods that your body can’t handle and digest well also can lead to diarrhea and finally such conditions.

Also your liver, gallbladder and GI system go alongside each other. When one of these organs isn’t working properly it affects other organs. So bile which is yellow to green can not be broken down in the gallbladder and it makes your stool green

6 – Parasites and viruses

There are plenty of bacteria inside your body that are actually necessary for the body and help it function. But there are also plenty of viruses and parasites that when entered your body can do a number of damages.

7 – Iron supplements

Stomach can’t usually deal with iron supplements very well so they might bring you some difficulties such as diarrhea, nausea and stomachache. Iron supplements can make your stool darker or give it a greenish hue. So if you’re taking them and then suddenly the color of your stool changes, don’t worry.

8 – Your anal fissures 

What are anal fissures? Anal fissures are tears in the fabric of your anus that usually appears after passing a hard stool. Anal fissures that are related to diarrhea can cause greenish stool.

9 – Birth control

So you just started taking birth control shots and suddenly your stool turns green? Don’t worry. Studies show that a compound named Depo-Provera can cause green stool.

If you are experiencing green stool for the first time, and there are no specific reasons for it you need to talk to your doctor to detect any serious problems and stop them from developing any further. 



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