Why does hair grow on the forehead?

by in Better healthy April 17, 2020

Why does hair grow on the forehead?

We all have hair on our body, on our hands and legs and even our stomach and back. It’s normal and it’s nothing to worry about. Even people who claim they don’t have hair on some parts of their body and their forehead if taken a close look can detect some tiny hair. This kind of hair is called baby hair that all humans have. But don’t worry even if you have more than baby hair on some parts of your body, it’s still normal. 

There are many reasons behind fast growth of hair or hair on the forehead. And also if you want to get rid of that hair, there are plenty of solutions. So don’t worry and remember this is normal to have hair on your forehead, the important thing is to use a proper method to wipe the hair out. 

Why does hair grow on the forehead?

Why does hair grow on the forehead?

Here are some main reason why some people may have more baby hair compared to other people:

1 – High testosterone

If your body produces testosterone more than the usual amount it’s more likely you grow hair on your forehead.

2 – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It’s a condition in which you can’t stop the growth of hair.

3 – Certain medication

There are certain medical drugs that if you are using them, it’s inevitable to stop hair growth.

4 – Tumors

Tumors can be a cause of hair growth in women.

5 – Genetic factors

The reason that you have plenty of hair on your forehead might go back to your genes that may cause hormonal conditions which lead to hair growth on your forehead.

Why does hair grow on the forehead?

Why does hair grow on the forehead?

There are some ways you can remove the unwanted hair on your forehead, but unfortunately these ways are not permanent and your hair will grow back. You can use these methods yourself or you could go to a specialized institution to do it for you. 

1 – Waxing your forehead hair

Waxing is a method you can do in your house or if you don’t have the material or you can’t do it, you may ask a specialist to wax your hair. 

2 – Shaving your hair

Shaving is one of the easiest ways you can get rid of your hair and it doesn’t need help from other people. You can also do it on a daily basis and avoid having hair on your forehead. 

3 – Laser therapy

This is one of the best ways to remove your forehead hair. This way even if your hair grows back, it’s smaller and less noticeable. Just remember to do it with a certified dermatologist. 

4 – Using tweezers

Using tweezers is also a good way to remove your baby hair. The only problem this method has is that you have to remove your hair one by one which can be very time consuming.


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