Remove body ribs to have a slimmer waist

by in Better Health September 17, 2020

Remove body ribs to have a slimmer waist

Today, cosmetic surgery has found many fans all over the world. People perform cosmetic procedures on different parts of their body to achieve beauty standards. Cosmetic surgery is not bad at all, but there are many people who do strange cosmetic procedures and push the boundaries of cosmetic surgery.

In this article, we introduce a woman who has always dreamed of becoming a Barbie and to achieve this dream, she took out 6 ribs to have a slimmer waist.

Pixie, who has always wanted a slim waist like cartoon characters, can finally find a doctor who is willing to pull out her 6 ribs after a long struggle. Pixie’s surgeon claims that this surgery is not difficult, but after Pixie’s surgery, she must have the necessary rest for 6 weeks to be able to walk. 

In addition, the scars of the operation remain on her body. But since this surgery has always been Pixie’s dream, she is OK with all these conditions. Despite all this, Pixie claims that she returned to the gym two weeks after the surgery and resumed her training. Pixie is the first person on Earth to perform this surgery.

According to Pixie, she is not seeking attention or dissatisfied with her own body. This surgery was just to achieve her eternal dream and she is not dissatisfied with the fact that she performed this surgery and she loves her body very much.


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