No one can visit these places

by in Better Health September 23, 2020

No one can visit these places

Tourists like to travel to different parts of the world and see them up close, but not all parts of the world can be traveled. Many parts of the world are not travelable and despite their beauty they are dangerous. 

Of course, there may be people who like these dangers and want to see these dangerous places up close, but still can not travel to these places because the government has banned these places on the planet.

Traveling to these places is illegal and should not be done. In this article, we have prepared a list of these places for you. We hope you enjoy it.

Bohemian grove

Many people believe that very strange and mysterious ceremonies take place at this place. Of course, this belief is not very strange and impossible. In fact, at this place a ceremony takes place for high-ranking government officials.

High-ranking officials gather here in July to hold strange and mysterious ceremonies. These ceremonies are all for men, and women and children, although invited to this place, have to go to their rooms at night and aren’t allowed to attend the ceremonies.

Forbidden Island

The island was sold to a family by a king many years ago. After selling the island, the king asked the family to keep the island closed so that the people of the island as well as its customs could grow in their own way, and the family kept the island closed in order to fulfill this promise.  And the island is closed now.


This place is located in Italy and has been closed since the fourteenth century and is not allowed for the general public as well as tourists. Many people believe that this place is ghostly.

The reason for this belief is that this place first defended Venice in the wars and then gathered people who were infected with epidemics due to the germs of that time and burned their bodies.


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