How do I know I have hives (urticaria)?

by in Better healthy April 17, 2020

How do I know I have hives (urticaria)?

If suddenly there are swollen red bumps on your skin and they’re itching like crazy, it’s likely you have hives. But don’t worry hives are usually an allergic reaction to something you’re putting inside your body and your body doesn’t like. Hives or urticaria appear in different sizes and different parts of the body.  

Sometimes you have little hives and sometimes suddenly you see plenty of hives on your body. Don’t worry usually hives appear and disappear really quickly and you don’t need any medication. 

But what if they last longer and burn and itch like hell?

What should be done then?

In this article we’re going to discuss causes and symptoms of hives and how to treat them.

What causes hives?

  1. Extreme cold or heat
  2. Some exercises
  3. If you’re stressed or under a lot of pressure
  4. Pet dander from your pets such as dogs and cats
  5. Insects stings or parasites
  6. Some alcohol and some foods
  7. Medications for example aspirin, ibuprofen and some antibiotics
  8. Sun exposure for a long period of time
  9. Constant pressure on a part of your skin
  10. Fever or high temperature in body
  11. Some diseases like thyroid
  12. Latex
  13. Scratching your skin a lot
  14. Infection in your body
  15. Plants
  16. Chemicals
  17. Dust
  18. Pollen
How do I know I have hives (urticaria)?

How do I know I have hives (urticaria)?

How can you treat hives?

First of all, it’s always better to avoid hives rather than to treat them. So if you know your body can have an allergic reaction to one of the allergen aboves, avoiding them is your best choice. 

When your body starts to have hives you can talk to a specialist about them and try to cure them with some medication that they prescribe. Talking to a specialist has other advantages such as pinpointing what triggers hives on your body and giving you specific medication based on triggers.

Non-sedating antihistamines isa cure for acute hives that is prescribed for most patients with acute hives. You should take this medication for a duration of two weeks. 

What types of hives do we have?

1 – Acute hives

This type of hive lasts less than six weeks. Some foods such as chocolate and eggs can cause you acute hives. Except for food, other things such as medications and bug stings can also cause acute hives.

2 – Chronic hives

Chronic hives last more than six weeks. What causes them differs from person to person. The difficulty is that in some people what causes the hives can not be detected. Known causes for chronic hives are infection, cancer, hepatitis and thyroid.

What are the symptoms?

  1. Red swollen bumps that appears in different parts of your body
  2. They can have different shapes and appear in different sizes
  3. They might appear in small groups or they could cover your entire skin
  4. If you press the center it would turn white

If you are suffering from hives remember you shouldn’t scratch them. Scratching them can make the burning and the itching worse. If the hives are lasting long and they’re causing you discomfort, you should contact your doctor and thal to them. 



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