Four really fun and popular lifestyles

Four really fun and popular lifestyles

In this article we’re going to introduce to you top five Internet personalities that have gained a huge fan base for their fun and joyful lifestyles. Most of these famous people are Youtubers. So buckle up because you’re about to be amazed because they have such fun and cool lives you haven’t seen so far!


His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. When he first started his career as a Youtuber he was only 13 years old.

At the beginning of his career, he used to post videos related to gaming but he didn’t attract enough subscribers nor did he attract enough views for his videos.

This didn’t stop him from continuing down this road and he uploaded his gaming related content on a daily basis until he gained fame and enough acknowledgement. Jimmy became really popular back in 2019 when he started uploading challenge videos. As for now, he is one of the most famous Youtubers and has around 39 million subscribers. 

His channel, MrBeast, is full of fun and joyful videos of cool challenges and donations. Another reason he became known and people started watching him is his donations.

He donates big amounts of money to different charities and through donating his money, he has gained double the amount. Jimmy also puts lots of afford and time in creating and filming his videos and that’s the reason his videos have amazing quality. 

David Dobrik

David is originally from slovakia but his family moved to America when he was a kid. He has three other siblings, two brothers and one sister. David first started his career in Vine and posted funny videos there. After some time he launched his own YouTube channel named after himself. 

His videos mainly are fun challenges and cool pranks on his friends. The important thing about his channel is that when you’re watching his videos you can’t stop smiling. He does crazy challenges that make you happy and joyous. 

David’s currently 24 years old and he used to date Liza Koshy, famous YouTube star back in 2018. One of the most important features of his channel is the vlog squad. Vlog squad do incredibly interesting challenges that captivates the audience completely. He’s currently so popular and has around 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Liza Koshy

Her full name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy and she’s Indian but she was born in Texas. Liza first started posting comedy videos on vine but after vine shut down she decided to launch her own YouTube channel. She became famous really fast because of her original ideas and comedic videos. 

Liza was in a relationship with another YouTube star, David Dobric, and they dated from 2015 to 2018. As for siblings, she has two older sisters named Rachel and Olivia. Liza describes herself as just a little brown girl with big dreams. 

Back in 2014 Liza went to college to study business marketing and she believes studying is really important for everyone. Throughout her career as a YouTuber she gained more that 18 million subscribers and posted about 300 comedic videos. She has also won many awards such as Teens Choice Awards and Streamy awards.


The owner’s real name is Tom Stanniland. Tom left school when he was only 14 years old and he had to do construct work for ten years afterwards. He launched his YouTube channel back in 2014 and since then Tom has amassed around 3 million subscribers. 

Furthemore, Tom usually tries to create content related to extreme challenges such as eating too many peppers and ending up in a hospital, or posting himself in a box from the US to the UK. But the important thing is that he tries to create videos that are actually interesting and they can mesmerize the viewers. 

Tom is also engaged to Moon in 2020. In addition you can see his fiancee in most of his videos and enjoy their lifestyle and their fun together. For whatever unknown reason, in 2020, Tom decided to leave YouTube but in his goodbye video he mentioned that it was not permanent and he would come back later when he’s feeling better.