Forbidden places in the world

by in Better Health September 23, 2020

Forbidden places in the world

Most of us enjoy traveling and like to travel around the world. There are many places to travel on our planet that are very beautiful, such as lakes, beaches, mountains, forests and countries with many cultural and historical monuments. But despite these beautiful places on our planet, there are places that are forbidden to travel and see.

These places may be hidden from human view because of natural hazards, or because they are endangered or destroyed, or because they belong to the government, and we cannot travel to those places. 

In this article, we have tried to describe some of these places that humans can not travel to and we are forbidden to see them.

Lascaux caves

In these caves, paintings of early humans are left. These paintings include geometric shapes, animals and human lifestyles of that time. But unfortunately, these paintings are eroding and destroying, and also wild fungi are growing in these caves, which is why humans cannot travel to these caves. 

Snake island

As the name implies, this island is home to snakes. The island is home to 4,000 very dangerous species of snakes. One of these species is so dangerous that its venom melts human flesh. 

Only scientists are allowed to travel to the island to study its snakes, but ordinary humans can not travel to this island which is one of the islands of Brazil.

Area 51

Located in the Nevada desert behind Los Angeles, this is a very mysterious area that belongs to the government. In fact, this area was created for the training of the US government air force, but because the government did not introduce this area to the people until 2013, it is one of the reasons why many people have different theories about conducting highly mysterious experiments in that area. 

One of the theories heard about this region is that the government in this region is conducting very secretive experiments on aliens from other planets.


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