Everything about Sedation dentistry

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Everything about Sedation dentistry

Fear of going to a dentist is a very common fear. Most people are afraid of going through dentistry procedures and rather endure the pain they have in their tooth. But there are many ways you can relax in a dentistry chair and let the dentist do their job without getting nervous. Also these methods help you not to feel any pain as you’re going through the procedure.

One of these methods is sedation dentistry which is also called sleep dentistry. Of course sleep dentistry isn’t the most acure phrase. Sedation has different stages and in each stage your condition would be different; but in almost none of the stages you’re asleep. You just feel more relaxed after getting sedation. 

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a method in which creates a relaxing and anxiety free environment for the patient who is suffering from dentist phobia. The procedure that the patient goes through might be a very simple procedure such as cleaning teeth or be a long difficult procedure; in both conditions sedation is an efficient method to relax the patient. 

Sedation dentistry has a couple of different ways, in each way the patient’s consciousness changes. For example in some type of sedation the patient is wide awake and just relaxed. But in other methods such as anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious. 

Everything about Sedation dentistry

Everything about Sedation dentistry

Types of sedation 

As we have said above there are different types of sedation. In this part, we have listed these methods and explained them briefly.

1- inhaling nitrous oxide

Inhaling nitrous oxide is one of the most common methods that dentists use to help you relax. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and is used in mild procedures. This type of sedation dentistry is the only type that you can drive home yourself after the procedure is done. Your doctor controls the amount of gas you need based on the pain and duration of the procedure. But don’t worry nitrous oxide wears off really quickly and you go back to normal. 

2- anesthesia

Anesthesia medications usually let you fall asleep during the procedure. You don’t wake up when you’re under general anesthesia unless it wears off or it is reversed by other medication. This type of sedation is used for long and tiring procedures. 

3- using oral sedation 

Oral sedation is usually used for mild and moderate procedures. 

  • If you’re going through a moderate procedure, your dose of oral sedation would be higher. You might fall asleep during the procedure if you have a high dose but you wake up very easily. 
  • For a mild procedure, you take a pill an hour before the procedure is started. The dose you take is far less than a moderate procedure, so you’ll be awake during the entire procedure. In this type of sedation you might just feel sleepy and drowsy. 

4- IV sedation 

Sedative medication enters your body through your blood. This type of sedation is used for moderate procedure. The good thing about this method is that the doctor can control the dose of sedation through the entire procedure. 

Is sedation dentistry dangerous?

Most people usually decide to go with anesthesia, but you should keep in your mind that anesthesia has a lot of side effects. It’s better if you used more moderate methods. Also talk to your doctor before making your decision about sedation dentistry. Tell your doctor all about your family medical history and your allergies. 

And plus don’t worry about the pain. Before any procedures doctors use numbings so you won’t feel any pain. 

There are a couple of things you can do just to ensure yourself that sedation dentistry is safe.

1- talk to your doctor about your family medical history

2- types of allergies you might have

3- is your doctor experienced in sedation dentistry

4- your general health condition and medication you use

5- whether you smoke or not

Also there are two types of people who need to talk to their general doctor before doing sedation dentistry. These people are at higher risks to face complications during their procedure.

  • People who suffer from obesity
  • People who have obstructive sleep apnea
Everything about Sedation dentistry

Everything about Sedation dentistry

Stages of sedation

1- mild sedation

You are just relaxed and anxiety free

2- moderate sedation

You are conscious but you feel sleepy and drowsy

3- deep sedation

You might fall asleep but you wake up very easily

4- anesthesia

You are completely unconscious. 

Do you need sedation dentistry?

If you’re not suffering from dentist phobia, you don’t need any of these methods. The most common reason why people rather use sedation dentistry is that they are afraid of going to dentists. Here we have gathered a list of reasons why you should use sedation dentistry if you’re going to a dentist. 

  • You have experienced bad things in the past when you visited a dentist
  • You’re suffering from dentist phobia
  • Disorders related to anxiety 
  • You have a small mouth and it’s hard for you to complete the procedure
  • Having sensitive oral nerves
  • Local anesthetics don’t affect you
  • Low pain tolerance
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • Can’t stop moving under doctor’s hands
  • Bad gag reflex
  • You’re procedure is very long and tiring

Things to consider before deciding

Os so now you’re thinking about using sedation dentistry to be relaxed during a procedure you’re stressed about. But there is still some small stuff you need to consider; for example what kind of sedation you want?

Well you need to know that you’re using this method to remove your anxiety, so don’t choose a method that actually makes you nervous. If you don’t like needles and are afraid of them so you should talk to your doctor and use another method except for IV sedation. 

If you don’t want to be unconscious during the procedure, you should choose a method that only relaxes you. So you can stay wide awake during the procedure and have control over yourself. The best way to choose a comfortable method is talking to your doctor before making up your mind. 

But remember, going to a dentist is always a better choice rather than enduring the pain. If you don’t solve a health problem you have now it may develop into a more serious problem in the future. So, don’t be afraid, there are many methods you can feel comfortable and relax under the hands of a dentist. 


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