Craziest White House security systems

by in Better Health September 20, 2020

craziest White House security systems

Most people feel that their homes do not need much security and therefore either our homes have no security at all or the security system is not very strong. But it is we who think this way.  What about very rich or very powerful people? Do their homes not need a very strong security system?

Most people who are very rich or very powerful have their homes equipped with a very strong security system, but now imagine what a strong security system the US President must have equipped his house with.

In this article, we decided to talk to you about some of the craziest security systems installed in the White House.

The Air Fence

The air above the White House as well as around the White House is equipped with a very strong security system.  If a jet enters the area unintentionally, by mistake, or intentionally, a message is immediately sent to it that it must leave the area.  

If the jet goes out of bounds for any reason, White House protective jets lift off the ground and attack another jet. 

Bulletproof window

This may come as a surprise to you, but all White House windows are bulletproof. In 2012, a sniper attempted to attack the White House and fired a shot at the White House, but fortunately the window that was fired was bulletproof and the bullet got stuck in it. The thick material of these windows is not visible at all and therefore can be used as a very safe and strong security system.

The Bunker

Underneath the White House is a security bunker that if all the security systems installed in the White House failed, the president would eventually have to go to that bunker to keep himself safe.

Although this security bunker has been under the White House for a long time, in 2010 another construction project was carried out under the White House.


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