Addicted to exercise

by in Better Health September 15, 2020

Exercise is essential for all human beings, and if we all exercise for only half an hour a day, we will live longer and healthier lives. Exercise not only brings us a healthier lifestyle but also keeps us away from depression and mental illness. 

But too much can be an addiction and damage your body and life. Even exercising too much is a form of addiction. Today we want to tell the story of a woman who is very addicted to sports and has to exercise at least 8 hours a day.

Her name is Erin. Erin claims that she is very addicted to exercise and should exercise at least 8 hours a day. She says she never gets tired of exercise and even her muscles do not ache. Erin has been interested in sports since she was a child and at the age of 7 she became a professional gymnast. At the age of 7, she used to practice gymnastics for at least 3 hours a day.

When Erin grew up, she showed a strong interest in other sports, including marathons and bodybuilding. About four years ago, Erin injured her back while exercising and had back surgery. She claims that she started exercising again 3 days after the operation and started her routine exercise.

Erin describes her exercise routine as follows: 

She exercises for 3 hours from 5 am, then goes to work and returns to the gym after work to exercise for another two hours. After that, she eats a meal and exercises again. She always goes to bed at 2:30. 


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