A grandmother who conceived her granddaughter

by in Better Health September 15, 2020

A 50-year-old woman is pregnant with her grandson!

In a rare case, a 50-year-old woman was able to give her son a chance to have a baby and take care of her granddaughter during pregnancy; A promising story has happened in this family for many couples who are not able to have children so that the grandmother can raise her granddaughter.

The grandmother conceived her granddaughter

The use of a rented womb gave hope to the young couple, who could never have children due to a serious problem. Kiala Jones, 29, underwent a hysterectomy at the age of 17 with a doctor’s diagnosis and lost her uterus forever, but after marrying Cody, she was very interested in having a child, but could not take the chance on her own. So he thought of using a new method that would solve this problem for women with such a problem, using another woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy and fetal growth.

“My wife and I got married in 2012, and since my wife’s family was aware of my condition and physical condition, my mother-in-law often spoke in a humorous way and laughed that she would rent her womb for our child to grow up,” says Kiala. And those jokes made us think about doing it. It was unbelievable, but all the tests were positive and everything was ready for the transfer of the fetus, and my mother-in-law got our child pregnant and gave birth to it a few months later.


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