A child who is 20 years old

by in Better Health September 17, 2020

A child who is 20 years old

Michelle Elizabeth Kish is 20 years old. She’s suffering from a condition named Hallermann-Streiff syndrome. This syndrome has 28 characteristics of its own, of which Michelle has 26 characteristics.

This syndrome is a very rare disease that very few people in the whole world suffer from. Michelle says the saddest part of the disease is that she can never go underwater while she loves water. The appearance of this disease includes a very prominent forehead, sunken chin, small and eagle-shaped nose, and a very small and deviated mouth.

Symptoms of this disease include very pale and sun-sensitive skin, very weak eyes, incomplete respiratory system, immature lungs, and many other problems. But none of this has prevented Mitchell from feeling happy. Her mother claims Mitchell is one of the happiest 20-year-old girls she has ever seen.

One of Michelle’s toughest conflicts is not having many friends. She is a 20-year-old woman who still needs a boyfriend. But because of her syndrome, she can not easily communicate with people and spends most of her time playing video games.


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